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Holley Bakich Fine Art Sideshow seriesThe Great Lentini was the first in this series of nine mixed-media sculptures depicting historic sideshow people. I have long been interested in freaks and their lives, since reading at an early age the book The Two about Chang and Eng Bunker, the original Siamese twins. Freaks have, for the most part, an extraordinary acceptance of themselves often lacking in so-called "normal" people. Most people have some part of their body they hate, be it a pot belly, big nose, or odd ears, and are perpetually trying to change themselves. On the other hand, sideshow people of the past (for the most part) accepted themselves as God made them and saw the potential for a lucrative career. Free from an institution, they could meet others like themselves and form bonds of friendship and even love. I intend this sculpture series to be an homage to these extraordinary & wonderful people.

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Francesco Lentini by Holley Bakich
Francesci Lentini--
The King of the Freaks,

 wood, leather, fabric, paint
Johnny Eck and Prince Radian by Holley Bakich
Johnny Eck and Prince Randian--
The Half Boy and the Caterpillar Man

wood, leather, fabric, paint
Zip by Holley Bakich
William Henry Johnson--
Zip the "What is it?"

wood, leather, fabric, paint
Julia Pastrana by Holley Bakich
Julia Pastrana--The Bearded Lady
wood, leather, fabric, paint
Omi by Holley Bakich
Horace Ridler--The Great Omi
wood, leather, fabric, stain,
beads, sequins

Robert Wadlow by Holley Bakich
Robert Pershing Wadlow--
The Tallest Man Who
Ever Lived
wood, leather, fabric, varnish, metal

Baby Thelma by Holley Bakich
Baby Thelma--The Fat Lady
wood, leather, fabric, paint, metal
Alejandra Podesta by Holley Bakich
Alejandra Podesta--
The Dwarf Equestrienne
wood, leather, fabric, paint
Koo-Koo by Holley Bakich
Minnie Woolsey--
Koo-Koo the Bird Girl
wood, leather, fabric, paint
Chang and Eng by Holley Bakich
Chang and Eng--The Original
Siamese Twins
wood, leather, fabric, paint

copyright Holley Bakich, 2010
Milwaukee, WI
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